Sunday, December 11, 2022

 Expectations – ‘Tis the Season.   

    What are folks looking forward to this holiday season? The possibilities are endless. The giving and “getting” season is fraught with expectations that run the gamut. On top of the list likely are material items and money enough to buy for those we care for the most. We who own privilege will give, and we all expect to receive some kind of present I would imagine. Gifts can be disappointing though – you know, the ugly sweater, the fruit cake wrapped in cellophane, the faux diamond necklace, perfume that smells like grandma’s, the flannel high-necked nightgown, socks, ties. . . underwear. Stuff. Stuff is what we receive and, if the truth be told, much of it will be shoved in a drawer, thrown away, or regifted somehow. What did the giver expect? Humans can be a greedy, unappreciative lot. That’s why, these days, I rely on gift cards. My motto: Buy what you want. Purchase what you need. And lots of love.

So, what do I want, need, and love? Yesterday I was looking online at Ferraris. Yes, just looking, but they sure are lovely. I definitely do not expect the keys to a shiny sportscar under my tree Christmas morning. Honestly, the closest I ever came to owning a Ferrari was a poster of one that was plastered on the wall above my bed when I was a teenager. It’s nice to dream though . . . besides, a gift card simply wouldn’t work in this case!

Tangibles aside, what else during this time of year do we anticipate coming our way? Perhaps, an intangible is in the offing - romance, health, creativity, adventure, strength, truth, honesty, kindness, love. Wouldn’t some of those be nice? That’s what I opt to see spread around everywhere though doubt does lie in the shadows.

During the holidays, many people hold close the prospect, the expectation, of gathering with family and friends to celebrate but I venture even those get-togethers can be either a joy or disappointment. My experiences may differ from others’, but you understand my drift. My late son detested holiday events with family although he put on a brave face and managed to bumble through relatively unscathed. But I understand him and as a result have given up any expectations on this front. It takes a great deal of energy to pump up that feeble emotion, hope, only to be let down. And, in time, letting go is not really so difficult after all.

Life goes on. We learn to accept what is . . . and that results in contentment. I can’t hold contentment in my hand, but I do in my heart. Really, when all is said and done, what else could one possibly want?