Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Writer’s Block – Dealing With It

Writer’s block sucks. I know. I know. So does the vernacular, but I’m sorry, the description fits. It does. It sucks. I have no idea how that old devil writer’s block sneaks into my otherwise established routine from time to time, but it does. Its interference in my life does not make me happy. And I have to wonder at its power. How is it that WB’s invisible, sinister claws can pull me away from what usually is a must – putting words on paper . . . every day?
It is frustrating. After days of getting the words out, filling the pages, creating, creating, suddenly, the momentum stops. Dead. What caused it? Was it that trip to shop at Costco? Was it my garden calling? Was it my cold? (I have felt just awful!) Ah, it was the weekend at Tahoe, the walk with the dogs to the meadow, the breathing in of fresh air, the camaraderie with good friends. That was it. Yes. No, for I’m back from Tahoe. The cold is gone, Costco has been shopped, the memory of Tahoe is filed away, and still I wait . . . still I wait to stop finding excuses not to flip open that lap top and resume my story. 
This morning, domestic details kept me busy. I don’t particularly love cleaning the house, but I’m a Virgo. I like things neat and tidy. And, of course, laundry had piled up again. And there were other things. I walked my dogs three miles. I came home for lunch. I checked my emails. I perused Facebook. I played a game or two of Words With Friends. All of that takes time. Time!
Why then, one might ask, are you in the middle of a blog when you have writer’s block? I do not know how I got here. I had intended to work on my novel, but for some reason felt the need to rant about writer’s block, that insidious, aggravating, intangible phenomenon that, in all sincerity, has me feeling a bit out of sorts . . . and that really sucks! 
I know most people could not possibly understand my angst, but I feel it, and I must wear it like an itchy jacket. I’m an introvert. I like alone time. I cherish it actually. I like to fill my time, however, doing something constructive. I detest idleness. So, that is why, dealing with writer’s block is so difficult. I suppose the time has come to put mind over matter. Maybe today is a new beginning. Perhaps - maybe, maybe, maybe - I have put writer’s block back in its place with this little tirade. We’ll see tomorrow, but what I’m thinking now is that it’s time for writer’s block to move aside one more time and for me to take control of its space. Procrastination be damned! Time to move on.